A nasty little goblin


Size 1/2 Goblin Rogue 1
Perception 11 (+1)
Defense 12; Health 11
Strength 8 (-2), Agility 13 (+3), Intellect 10 (+0), Will 10 (+0)
Speed 10

Languages & Professions. Common, Elvish; grave robber, burglar, gambler

Immune. damage from disease; charmed, diseased

Iron Vulnerability. Jurl is impaired while he is in contact with iron.

Shadowsight. Jurl sees in areas obscured by shadows as if those areas were lit.

Sneaky. When he rolls to become hidden or move silently, Jurl makes the Agility challenge roll with 1 boon.

Nimble Recovery. Jurl can use an action to heal damage equal to his healing rate and then move up to half his Speed without triggering free attacks. Once he uses this talent, he cannot use it again until after he completes a rest.

Trickery. Once per round, Jurl can make an attack roll or challenge roll with 1 boon. If he attacks with 1 boon from this talent, his attack deals 1d6 extra damage.

Dagger (melee) 1d3+2
Sling (ranged) 1d3+2



Jurl lives on the outskirts of Asylum. He’s not well-regarded by those townsfolk who know him, as he has a reputation as a thief, a grave-robber, and a cheat at cards. He’s been chased out of town numerous times, yet always escapes his pursuers. Whether that’s because he really is that sneaky, or the townsfolk chasing him quickly lose interest is up for debate.



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