Old Man Edwin

Aged Adventurer


Size 1 human
Perception (+0)
Defense 10; Health 10
Strength 11 (+1), Agility 10 (+0), Intellect 12 (+2), Will 11 (+1)
Speed 10

Cudgel (melee) (1d3+1)
Sword (melee) (1d6+3)



Old Man Edwin is one of those rare fellows with more than just one or two interesting tales in Asylum. He says he was an adventurer in the old days. He’s been back and forth around the Northern Reach, but always returned home. The mothers of the village discourage children from listening to his wild tales of raucous sightseeing and sword-slinging.

He often takes a pipe and a mug (or three) at the Weary Traveler, and when he settles in, the tall tales begin.

He still keeps a sword he found in his wilder days over his mantle. It’s one of the few in the entire village. Sometimes he lets those same children who shouldn’t be listening to his wild stories look at it, if they are mindful of respecting their elders.


Old Man Edwin

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