Asylum consists of some twenty buildings that include a smithy, a carpenter’s shop, a marketplace, a general store, a stable, a shrine dedicated to the New God, and the Weary Traveler, which is an inn with a taproom.

Most residents live in the modest wooden homes that make up the rest of the community’s structures. Typically, the buildings have stone foundations, wood walls, and slate-shingled roofs. The smithy, the main exception, is a forge with a roof but no walls, and with a small home, like all the others, behind it.

The community well, from which all the locals draw water, stands near the center of town, in sight of an ancient statue of a man on a horse, whose name and deeds have long since faded from Asylum’s memory. That the well still produces water despite the long drought is something of a blessing to the locals, a blessing for which some give thanks to the New God.

Humans form the bulk of the citizens of Asylum, followed closely in numbers by Halflings. There are also a number of Orcs in the area. Changelings might be found in Asylum; after all, who would know if you were one? A few Dwarfs have settled in the area, but they are closely-knit and clannish (and not trusted by most of the other people in Asylum). A small number of Fauns and Goblins haunt the countryside around Asylum, but they are scattered loners. Clockworks native to the area around Asylum number only a handful.

The Common Tongue is spoken by the majority of the people in the area.

Common equipment may be purchased in Asylum, but it is not large enough nor are there enough specialized craftsmen to produce more uncommon equipment. Most villagers with a need to acquire such items make the journey to Sixton once a year.



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