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Asylum is a small, sleepy farming community that is, by all outsiders’ accounts, rather unremarkable. Yet strange events begin to unfold as the villagers experience a year without rain.

Most of the residents of Asylum know little of the world beyond their home. Few have ever traveled outside of the village’s area; some of those have made their way as far south as the provincial capital of Sixton or as far north as Crossings. Old Man Edwin is said to have traveled extensively in his youth, and sometimes tells tales of Dark Forest, Good Fortune, and Landfall while taking a mug (or three) at the Weary Traveler; he still keeps the sword he found over his mantle. And Saul, the city’s watchman, has been to Vanguard.

Other than that, travelers sometimes bring news about the goings on throughout the Northern Reach, and of the Empire’s decline, but all of that is very far away. Dark rumors of a rising evil spreading across the land that are oft repeated by those passing through keep most sane residents at home, minding their own business, and living the lives their parent’s parents lived.


Main Page

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