Demon_Lord.jpg These are dark times foretold by oracles and prophets, shouted by preachers on their pulpits, and whispered on the hot winds swirling out from the gates of Hell. The Shuddering One awakens in the darkness of The Void. As His shadow creeps across the mortal world, it corrupts all that it touches.


The Emperor is dead, and his decadent lands crumble under the weight of rebellion, chaos, and madness. Unspeakable horrors long forgotten rise up from their tombs to roam the lands once again. Armies muster over the most minor slights, bringing war, famine, plague, and death with their march. Hordes of savage beastmen roam the wild places between villages and towns. Evil cults plot rituals to bring their overlord’s shadow down over all.


There are those who say these are the End Times. To fight against these swelling tides of darkness might seem impossible to many, yet there are those who are as bright torches that drive away the shadows within their reach.

Out of Asylum

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