Do the gods exist? Most mortals believe they do. After all, priests demonstrate the gods’ power by performing miracles and working wonders. Religions by the hundreds purport to have special insights into the true workings of reality and, more importantly, offer meaning and purpose to life.



The most common religion throughout the Empire is the Cult of the New God. It is built around the Four Truths:

  • The mortal soul is eternal. Death is a door to the next life.
  • Cruelty, selfishness, and greed stain the soul, dooming it to the torments of Hell. To avoid the horrors of the afterlife, mortals should lead good lives, and be kind and virtuous in all things.
  • The divine depends on mortals, not the other way around.
  • Anything circumventing the migration of the soul is an abomination. Undead, spirits loosed from the Underworld, efforts to extend mortal life through magic, and the like draw the hateful eye of the Demon Lord.

Traditions of the New God: Celestial, Life, Theurgy



Followers of the Old Faith believe the gods live in the world. Their myths describe heroes’ encounters with these beings in deep forests, caves, or ruins, and even other realms such as Hell and the Underworld. If the gods remain in the world, they rarely reveal themselves to mortals these days.

Some of the Old Gods that are prayed to include:

  • Father Death
  • The Horned King
  • The Maiden in the Moon
  • Old Man Winter
  • Revel
  • The Queen of Summer
  • The Seer

Traditions of the Old Faith: Life, Nature, Primal



Witchcraft has been practiced around Asylum (and the Northern Reach) since its earliest days. Most followers of witchcraft devote their lives to helping others. They are healers and protectors, wisdoms and advisors, who adopt communities so as to look after the people living in them. They perform magic not to expand their power or make converts of nonbelievers, but to improve the lives of those around them. Witchcraft finds devotees among humans, halflings, goblins, orcs, and some jotun. Witches can be male or female, for the Lord and Lady welcome servants of any ancestry and of any gender.

Traditions of Witchcraft: Curse, Enchantment, Life



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