Old_Man_Edwin_thumb.png “Now Landfall, that’s a city!” Old Man Edwin exclaimed.

In his third mug, his cheeks rosy, he appeared to be in better than usual cheer as he related his story of the evening.

“The jotun ruled Landfall, long ago, and you can still tell who built it by looking. Although the Truebloods sure do try to wash it all over by turning it into a trade capital here in the Reach, it’s really built to be a raider town. Those Truebloods lord over everything and every one from a great big fortress on the hill, and their ships protect its harbor from the black sails. The broad streets are connected by ramps and bridges over the waterfront, and that’s lined with docks and shipyards. Most everyone there is either a fisherman or a trader from somewhere else. In fact, if you wanna find stuff from all over the Empire, and the world, then Landfall’s the place you wanna be.”



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