Old_Man_Edwin_thumb.png “They was all just six little towns, from the first. Then, the Empire moved north into the Reach, laying its claim. Settlers, Halflings, and crusaders swole ‘em all up with people. The Imperials liked the area, so they called it all Sixton and named it the seat o’ the govmint in the Northern Reach.”

Old Man Edwin paused here to take a drag from his pipe and his mug of ale. A confused look crossed his face for a moment, and then he resumed his tale.

“Place is so hodgepodge, a body can’t tell where they are ‘til they’re there. All crooked, it is. Like the Empire, I say. Winding all over the place with Low Country earthenworks, Old Edene wetgardens, golden Kem vault towers, Lij Academy blocks, Holy Kingdom shrines, and dwarf underkeeps everywhere. Hell, even the center of the city is still under construction, as though it doesn’t even know what it wants to be.”



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