The Empire


Old_Man_Edwin_thumb.png “I say it was only a matter o’ time. Those Imperial Lords laughin’ struttin’ through the streets, wearin’ their riches, while the people below them starved. Armies o’ orcs lyin’ around with no more wars to fight an’ only their own ta beat on. Merchants fatter n’ any right ta be, some even richer than tha lords they served! Only a matter o’ time before it all fell.”

Old Man Edwin took a long pull off the mug of Three Sheaves that had just been refilled before him.

“The Empire’s afire, fallin’ apart at tha seams, broken.”

There was a glint in his eyes as a wry smile crossed his face. He winked at those listening to him tonight.

“A younger, smarter man than me might take advantage o’ that. P’raps that Orc King everybody from down south be talkin’ ‘bout already is. P’raps somebody else should.”


The Empire

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